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We will be available to learn about your experience so far, answer your questions and discuss recent updates regarding the community - So do well not to miss out on the sessions.

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Somehow we’ve managed to squeeze this into one newsletter: Job Listings, Meetups & Conference Events, Hackathons, latest Tech News and the upcoming community hour session on Discord This evening with our founder @solomonmarvel97

Top Universe Community Hour

Community hour

We will be available to learn about your experience so far, answer your questions and discuss recent updates regarding the community - So do well not to miss out on the sessions.

Cohort 2.0 Women in tech awards. Sponsored by Azoneta

Cohort 2.0 Women in tech awards

Latest news in Tech

7 Ways ChatGPT Can Help Developers | .cult by Honeypot
Learn how ChatGPT from OpenAI can benefit software developers.
Design 10X Faster with These 4 AI Tools —Full 2023 Guide
UI and UX are crucial elements of web design that can determine the success of a website. Fortunately, AI tools can help streamline the…
The Best Engineering Blogs
A great engineering blog is both entertaining and educational. In this list, we’ve captured 30 of our favorite engineering blogs.
4 Ways to Generate Passive Income Using ChatGPT - KDnuggets
Discover how you can leverage ChatGPT to generate passive income.
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Discover the most inspiring websites of today with our detailed review of Soviet Posters, Field Day Sound, Perfumerion, and Miss Journey.

Meetups and Conference Events

Women In Tech: Embracing Equity
Help us spread the message of embracing equity and join us in celebrating the progress we have made!
Tech Unite Africa 2.0
Tech Unite Africa (TUA) is a conference, exhibition and a networkingevent for the African Tech industry.
Lagos Digital Marketing Training 2023
LDMT ’23Get a taste of all the digital marketing magic tricks we can show you this March 18th at the LAGOS DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING 2023.
ARM Labs Lagos Techstars Accelerator Demo Day
This is Techstars first demo day in Nigeria and you certainly do not want to miss it! Register now to be a part of Demo Day come March 16th!


Wix Make-A-SaaS Hackathon
Are you ready to ship? Let’s build your dream SaaS product together on Velo by Wix, our full stack platform for creating secure, scalable and reliable web applications.
Get excited to explore a journey in Low-code with D3E Create
An intellectual yet fun-filled Hackathon Weekend with D3E’s Low-Code Studio.
Open Sea Lab 3.0 Hackathon
Surf a brand new Marine Data and Innovation wave!
Join us on a quest to find the hidden gems of innovation.

Job Listings

Remote Product Designer at Flexiple
Flexiple is hiring a remote Product Designer to join their remote Design team. Flexiple is an exclusive network of top freelance developers & designers. We help startups & companies achieve their product goals by being the smartest & quickest way to scale their tech teams.The role is...
Remote Product Marketing Manager at LeadSimple, Inc.
LeadSimple, Inc. is hiring a remote Product Marketing Manager to join their remote Sales and Marketing team. 🚀 Want to join a team of A players in an exciting, high-growth, entrepreneurial environment?We’re a small team solving big problems in the property management industry. Bootstrapped since ..…
Remote Senior Software Engineer at Moov Financial
Moov Financial is hiring a remote Senior Software Engineer to join their remote Back-End Programming team. Moov is the payments processor devoted to delighting users. We help software companies add money movement to their products, letting the end-user drive how they pay and get paid. As a Sr. So...

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