Steps to Creating a User Experience That People Will Enjoy

Steps to Creating a User Experience That People Will Enjoy
Photo by UX Indonesia / Unsplash

When developing a website, consider what you want your users to view and how they will engage with your site or design.

  1. Identify a problem that is worth tackling.
    Thinking about difficulties people have or jobs people want to accomplish is a terrific approach to stay focused on producing a meaningful user experience rather than a whizz-bang cool addition that no one wants.
  2. Investigate how other people have solved the problem.
    In some ways, every UX design is 'open-source,' even if the underlying code is hidden: if you can interact with the software, you can discover how it works learned.
  3. Design an interactive website.
    A single-screen won't tell you anything; instead, consider the entire process in context: all of the stages that the user takes to complete the task. Because it should flow, it's called a workflow. The sketch is used to create mockups, and InVision is used to stitch them together into interactive prototypes.
  4. Experiment, learn, iterate, deploy, and repeat.
    The next stage is to put these prototypes to the test with real people. Testing can be really simple: you can learn a lot by simply watching a friend or coworker interact with your prototype for a few seconds. As soon as we're certain that we've created a design that is an incremental improvement over the current UX, we'll go forward.
  5. . It all comes down to love!
    "Product design" is a process, not a job with a beginning and an end. It's an ongoing interaction between the people who make the thing and the people who use it. You must pay attention to the details and communicate frequently, just as you would in any other relationship. It's your responsibility as a designer to figure out what makes your users happy and what makes your developers happy.

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