8 Weeks No Code / Low Code Roadmap

No code/low code is a type of development platform that allows non-programmers to create applications with minimal effort, often using drag-and-drop tools and graphical user interfaces

8 Weeks No Code / Low Code Roadmap
Photo by Team Nocoloco / Unsplash
Framer is a design tool for creating interactive websites. It allows you to create prototypes and websites that are responsive and interactive, without having to write any code.

Week1: Introduction to Framer

  • Learning the Basics
  • Installation and setup
  • Creating a new project
  • Exploring the workspace
  • Understanding layers and properties
  • Adding and editing content

Week2: Copy and Paste from Figma

  • Importing designs from Figma
  • Syncing changes between Figma and Framer
  • Utilising Framer's design components
  • Workflow tips and best practices

Week3: Layout and Sizing

  • Understanding layout options
  • Managing constraints and positioning
  • Working with grids and stacks
  • Setting up auto-layout
  • Resizing elements and managing responsive design

Week4: Breakpoints and Responsive Design

  • Introduction to breakpoints
  • Designing for different screen sizes
  • Creating adaptive layouts
  • Using media queries and conditional logic
  • Previewing and testing responsive designs

Week5: CMS Basics

  • Overview of content management systems
  • Integrating Framer with CMS platforms
  • Fetching and displaying dynamic content
  • Managing data bindings and API connections
  • Creating interactive prototypes with real data

Week6: Components with Interactions, Variants, and Variables

  • Building interactive components
  • Adding interactions and animations
  • Creating reusable variants
  • Working with variables and states
  • Implementing user interactions and gestures

Week7: Building Your First Portfolio with Framer

  • Planning your portfolio design
  • Creating the portfolio layout and structure
  • Adding and styling portfolio content
  • Implementing interactive elements and animations
  • Optimising the portfolio for different devices and breakpoints
  • Testing and refining the portfolio design

Week8: Training Recap

  • Recap of key concepts and features
  • Further learning resources
  • Final thoughts on using Framer for design and prototyping

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