Our Origin Story

Our Origin Story
Photo by Anne Nygård / Unsplash

Written by Marvelous Akporowho (Founder)

Collective & Open Source Intelligence is gained from good collaboration, especially within a community of builders, creators, and believers. In 2019, I started Welearnt with one idea "a bootcamp to teach technology and make others better than their current self for free".

In 2020 I met Nwamaka Nwosu & Emmanuella Orioma (My co-founders) who are education specialists in their respective fields of study. Our goal is to make this a platform that can operate as a global network of talents & learners at scale with the mission of embarking on what will be the future of focused micro-learning digital education targeting African communities.

We are creating an end-to-end learning network for the future of work. This means our cohort & platform graduates are work ready either as interns, entry level or mid-level engineers, designers, or project managers.

We are providing free high quality mentoring & concise microlearning courses from community contributors.

Via our cohort program, we are promoting lifelong micro-learning among African youths & our team remains committed to providing these digital training sessions using diverse channels & methods at no cost to the learner.

Our commitments are as follows:

  • Continued creation of relevant micro-learning courses.
  • Our students learn by re-engineering from the outcome & experience of professional mentors.
  • Project-based learning.
  • Mentoring & coaching must be carried out by senior & seasoned professionals
  • Create live workshop sessions to help reinforce their learning
  • We will build platforms & forums to avoid jumping from one training to another without getting viable results.

We are also enhancing our learning forum activities by creating:

  • Group/Team based Learning
  • Book Clubs
  • Games
  • Weekly Events

Sure we have big dreams, but this idea can only be actualised with the help & support of the community. Therefore, we are inviting you to join us and make this dream a reality.

We are powered by intellect and driven by value. So are you.

I officially welcome you to join us at the top. Join us.